What we do

At Turn Eight, we work with technology companies to increase their revenue.

Yes, revenue is mostly about sales, but it’s not just about sales. Experience has taught us that there are a number of key elements both within the sales force as well as across the rest of the organization that are critical to maximizing the ability to produce revenue. We examine all of those key elements.

Many times we find that your game just needs to be fixed, other times it needs to be changed. Sometimes it needs both.

Fixing your game is all about making sure that your sales force and all of their essential supporting resources are running well so that execution produces better results. Remove the handicaps, tune and improve essential sales skills, provide better tactics and enable the supporting resources. Do these and your revenue will go up…

Changing the Game is finding how to shift your sales focus to something that sets your company and product apart to improve your chance of winning. Slugging it out with five to ten competitors selling primarily the same feature set is not how sales should be conducted. If there is a better way we will help you find it. Together we will change the way your prospects look at their needs to give you an ‘unfair’ advantage…

These are the challenges we love to tackle. Let us help you fix or change your game.